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Sample Specification for an Automatic Bike Washing Machine

Product Name: Auto Bike Clean Pro 3000

Length: 2500 mm , Width: 1200 mm  ,Height: 1500 mm

Weight: Approximately 400 kg

Frame: Stainless steel or high-grade aluminum for corrosion resistance
Panels: Durable, weather-resistant composite material

Washing Capacity:
Suitable for bicycles of various sizes, from children’s bikes to large mountain bikes

Washing System:
High-pressure water jets with adjustable pressure settings (up to 50 bar)
Detergent dispensing system with eco-friendly, biodegradable soap options

Drying System:
Built-in air blowers with adjustable temperature and airflow settings
Drying time: Approximately 5 minutes per bike

Cycle Time: Average wash and dry cycle time of 10 minutes per bicycle

Control System:
Touchscreen interface for selecting wash programs

Power Requirements:
220V-240V, single-phase AC power supply, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 5 kW

Additional Features:
LED lighting system for operation in low-light conditions
Noise reduction features for quiet operation
Mobility options such as wheels or forklift pockets for easy relocation

6-month manufacturer warranty on parts and labor

CE certified
IP65 rated for water and dust resistance


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