Automatic mixer machine

৳  275,000.00

Main Structure and Features:

  1. The vertical mixer is composed of a barrel body, a barrel cover, a feeding pipe, a spindle core (screw) base, a discharging port or a heating device, and an automatic feeding device.
  2. The barrel body is rolled round from stainless steel plates. The inner surface is featured with solid and smooth, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, convenient to clean, etc.,
  3. The feeding pipe is made of a 7-1mm stainless steel plate, and there is a reinforcement device, durable, with no deformation.
  4. The spindle core is also called the screw rod. A machine below 10 tons is generally made from30 x 2 mm stainless seamless pipe straightened by diameter 5 meters lathe, with imported bearings. It can guarantee no deformation for 5 years under the correct use condition.
  5. The base is made of a 3mm steel plate, equipped with a grease nozzle. The user should carry out daily maintenance according to the maintenance content.
  6. The discharge port is made of SUS304, a 6mm mirror plate, with high brightness, high smoothness, to ensure smooth discharge.
  7. The knife made of 6mm stainless steel is very durable.


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